Restoration Services
Vintage/Antique Bicycle Restoration

Prices are available upon request and will be given prior to beginning project and a 25% down-payment is required to begin. Once work has begun, portion of initial downpayment will be retained per amount of work completed. (see Terms and Conditions page)

For more information on bicycle restoration or you would like to get started on yours, contact Bergerwerke here.

For information on availability, payments and returns, go to Terms and Conditions

Vintage/Antique Bicycle Restoration Services

Bergerwerke Bicycle provides cosmentic restoration services of both contemporary and vintage bicycles. (Bergerwerke no longer offers FULL bicycle restoration.) In addition, Bergerwerke has a sizable inventory of vintage parts and components to refurbish most types including:

  • Adult multi-speed geared bikes, including tandems
  • Children's bikes
  • Motorized bicycles and early gas-powered cycles
  • Vintage tricycles and wagons
  • Bicycle trailers and "Burlees"

Vintage Seat/Saddle Restoration

Bergerwerke Bicycle provides restoration of vintage seats/saddles, for pre-war vintage bikes. Full restoration of the seat assembly (including spring frame, pan, and cover) available only on leather covered seats. Contact Bergerwerke for details.

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