About Bergerwerke Bicycle

ergerwerke Bicycle, LLC was founded from a passion for bikes! Born and raised in Wisconsin, my early riding  days started with BMX. As a racer for Bicycle Exchange in Madison, I was riding the "old school" names in motocross like Torker, Red Line, Robinson, and P.K. Ripper. Eventually, I got too big to ride these things and switched to larger racing bikes. Always drawn to the trails, my bicycling interest took me into competetive mountain biking on my trusty Cannondale.

Since those early days, my passion for pretty much all wheeled things has never waivered. I was trained as an automotive specialist where here I got my mechanical start and introduction into restoration, restoring old muscle cars and "fat tire" jeeps.

Leaving automotive dealerships behind, I proffessionaly began to refocus back to my interest in bikes. Thus I began a carreer of many years in the bicycle industry, learning all I could about the industry itself.

I worked in numerous fields within the industry, including bike service specialist, maintenance engineer, and product developer in both local bike shops and large manufacturing corporations. From this aspect, I also picked up the finer points of customer service as well as the commercial side of the industry, too.

With technical schooling for auto mechanics and a lifelong interest in military history, I naturally began to stretch out into restoration of vintage military vehicles. It was here, after thousands of hours of trial and error, I truly learned the fine art of creative fabrication in the restoration of vintage machinery and I found out I loved basically making something from nothing.

With that, I realized not only how much I enjoyed this aspect, but found I had a "knack" for it. Since then, my vehicle restorations have been featured in trade magazines and have always been a popular attraction at trade shows, "Living History" events, and holiday parades.

I have since left the bicycle shops and firms to pursue my own business. With my technical experience in restoration and mechanics as well as my knowledge of military antiques, I combined the two together to establish a business that both serves the community and allows me to pursue what I really enjoy! My time for my business is limited of course. As a husband and dad of three future riders, other demands fall upon me. But with a supportive family, Bergerwerke Bicycle was built by blood, sweat, and tears and is a true labor of love!